The Canadian Clear Orthodontics Academy is a non-profit educational and professional organization committed to advancing knowledge and expertise about how the use of clear aligner treatment can help achieve the smile patients want.

Clear Orthodontics Providers in BC

Our skilled and experienced member dentists offer orthodontic treatment with clear aligner technology, such as Invisalign®, to patients living in the Surrey, Delta and Langley, BC communities. 

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Our Mission

The Canadian Clear Orthodontics Academy is a non-profit, educational and professional organization founded to support dentists and dental specialists who provide clear aligner treatment orthodontic care for their patients.

The organization's goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and new technological developments in the field of orthodontics through comprehensive experiences with direct patient care.

  • To share, promote, and advance knowledge and expertise the use of clear aligner treatment to straighten teeth;
  • To facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and expertise about clear aligner treatment among its membership;
  • To support and assist members who dedicate themselves to excellence in clear aligner treatment techniques;
  • To provide recognition for members who offer this treatment option to patients.

The Canadian Clear Orthodontics Academy is a private professional association.


The Canadian Clear Orthodontics Academy is not affiliated with and not to be confused with any specific brand of clear aligner treatment, or any governing colleges or bodies.

  • We are not a licensing body.
  • We are not a regulatory body.
  • We are not a degree granting institution.


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