Our dentist's have some great news for patients who grind their teeth; Invisalign's clear custom aligners can help with the symptoms and causes of teeth grinding, and help protect your teeth too!

Most people are likely to grind and clench their teeth now and again, especially while they're asleep. 

Occasional bruxism, or teeth grinding, doesn't usually cause notable harm; however, your teeth could become worn, chipped or even cracked due to frequent grinding.

You may also be more vulnerable to TMD (temporomandibular disorder) if you regularly grind your teeth . 

Teeth Grinding & Invisalign

If you're considering Invisalign orthodontic treatment, and you grind your teeth, there is good news. Invisalign's clear custom aligners actually create a thin cushion between your teeth, much the way that night or bite guards do.

Just by wearing your aligners for the prescribed 20 - 22 hours a day (including while you're asleep) you will help to protect your teeth from the affects of grinding.  

Addressing The Root Cause

Depending on your reasons for choosing Invisalign to straighten your teeth, your aligners may also help address the underlying causes of your teeth grinding. 

As Invisalign gradually adjusts your bite, it could also help to deprogram the mouth and jaw muscles that are used when grinding your teeth. 

Adding a Night Guard to Your Treatment Plan

Some patients do continue to grind their teeth at night, even with their Invisalign aligners in place. Persistent teeth grinding can cause premature wear on the aligners, however this can be easily addressed.

If you continue to grind your teeth even while wearing your aligners speak to your dentist about getting fitted for a night or bite guard to help protect your Invisalign aligners and your teeth. A properly fitted guard will give your teeth and your aligners an extra layer of protection. 

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