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Are you ready to begin your journey to a straighter smile? CCOA member dentists use Invisalign to straighten teeth discreetly, with less hassle than traditional metal braces. Here's how you can have a straighter smile in just 3 easy steps with Invisalign.

Achieving a straighter smile with Invisalign is easy! Here are our 3 easy steps to transforming your smile with Invisalign clear aligners:

1 - Your Consultation

The first step in your journey to a straighter smile is to book an Invisalign consultation with your BC dentist, to determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. Many orthodontic issues can be corrected with Invisalign, from the most simple misalignments to more severe spacing and bite issues. At the consultation, your dentist will assess your smile and determine your treatment needs.

If Invisalign treatment is right for you, your dentist will take detailed 3D scans of your teeth and jaw using the iTero Element® scanner. These scans help your dentist to accurately map out a personalized treatment plan, just for you. Thanks to iTero, your CCOA dentist will give you with a sneak peak at what your smile could look like after your Invisalign treatment is complete. 

2 - Transforming Your Smile

As soon as your custom aligners are ready to be picked-up you will meet with your dentist once again for a fitting. Your dentist will take the time to ensure your aligners fit properly, explain everything you need to know in order to keep your treatment on-track, and answer any questions you may have. There will also be a brief review of your treatment plan, so that you are clear on what  you can expect from your treatment.

Now it's time for your treatment to begin! It is essential to wear your aligners for a minimum of 20 hours every day, as instructed by your dentist. Not following these instructions will cause treatment delays.

3 - Keep Your Straight New Smile Beautiful

Once you reach the end of your Invisalign treatment, you will have a straighter smile that is bound to boost your self-confidence and get you smiling.

After any type of orthodontic treatment whether braces or Invisalign, you will likely be required to wear a retainer. At first you may need to wear a retainer full-time while your teeth settle into their new positions, but gradually you will be able to begin wearing your retainer on a part-time basis.

Are you ready to take your first step towards a straighter smile? Contact a CCOA member practice today, to book a consultation with one of our BC dentists.

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