Can Crooked Teeth Effect Your Childs Mental & Physical Health


Can Crooked Teeth Effect Your Childs Mental & Physical Health

As a parent, you want what's best for your children and if your child has crooked teeth, the harm it can do to both their mental and mental health can be extensive. Our CCOA dentists are here to explain how.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth can happen for many different reasons but the most common one is genetics. If you or your partner has ever had braces or another form of orthodontic treatment, chances are your child will have a higher risk of the same type of orthodontic issue. 

This can also be due to: 

  • Prolonged use of pacifiers 
  • Prolonged thumb-sucking 
  • Injury to the mouth 

How Crooked Teeth Can Affect Your Child

There are many ways crooked teeth can affect your child, some are psychological while others can be physical.

    Psychological Effects

    Children learn quickly, and if they have crooked teeth, they may become self-conscious and stop asking questions, interacting, or even speaking because of the way their teeth look. Research has shown that children who are not happy with the look of their teeth will refrain from smiling and can be withdrawn from their peers as well. 

    Improving a physical trait can often lead to an improvement of someone's social interactions, attitude, and self-esteem. When you correct your child’s smile, you help protect their confidence when it comes to interacting, socializing, and having the confidence to do it all. 

    Physical Effects

    Needless to say, there are big benefits to straighter teeth when it comes down to it physically. Straight teeth are easier to clean because there are fewer nooks and crannies for plaque and bacteria to hide and build up in. 

    If your child has crooked teeth, it can also be more difficult to learn how to properly brush and floss your teeth. Not knowing how to maintain good oral hygiene can lead to an increase in cavities, tooth decay, and more dental issues. 

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